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Parc des Ecrins Climbing Safari July 2004

My climbing partner Anthony and myself set off for a two week climbing safari in the Ecrins National Park. We managed to get 4 bigger climbs in, three warm-ups in the F-PD range and finished off with a nice steep ice-couloir, Barre Noir, on the face of Barre des Ecrins.


Rat7 Rat1 Rat2 Rateau 2
Rateau 3 Rat4 Rat3 LG1
LMOr2 LMOr11 LMOr3 Aigle 1
Aigle 3 LMOr7 LMOr9 Aigle 4
Aigle 5 LMOr13 LMOr14 Aigle 7
Aigle 8 Aigle 9 LMOr16 LMOr17
Grave 1 PDLG2 PDLG3 Grave 3
BDE21 Ecrins 1 Ecrins 2 BDE1
BDE2 Ecrins 6 BDE5 Ecrins 7
Ecrins 8 Ecrins 9 BDE9 Ecrins 11
Ecrins 12 BDE11 BDE12 BDE13
BDE15 Ecrins 15 BDE17 BDE19

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